Welcome to our Sunbury Campus.

Our deaf and hard of hearing students enrol into St Mary’s College and attend our campus based at Salesian College Sunbury, where they immerse and thrive in all aspects of school life.

Our Sunbury Campus offers an integrated secondary education for deaf and hard of hearing students from Years 7 to 12. Students attending the Sunbury campus wear the Salesian College Sunbury uniform and are welcome in all classes and extracurricular activities.

Senior pathways available include VCE, VET Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate.

- Narelle Stone

"St Mary’s has really helped me build up confidence and my ability to speak up for myself if I can’t hear the teacher. Especially throughout last year, they have always been checking on me during lockdown, which I am grateful for."

- Janith, Year 11

Sunbury Campus overview


Our Sunbury campus is a welcoming local school community where students experience a sense of belonging and develop their own confidence and communication success for any school, work or social environment.

The Sunbury campus features learning environments surrounded by open spaces and landscaped gardens that students can enjoy. Jacksons Creek flows through the property and with vast amounts of accessible land, students have the opportunity to experience learning in contexts outside of the classroom.


Our Sunbury campus is located in the north western suburb of Melbourne, at Salesian College Sunbury, 1 Macedon Street, Sunbury.

Transport options

Students can access public transport with school bus services making getting to and from our Sunbury Campus easy. A private bus service operates throughout the local area as a user pays service and covers the areas of Bullengarook, Gisborne, Romsey and Woodend. In addition to our service and the MET Buses that operate within Sunbury, several Government-funded buses also transport students to and from school from outer areas, including Airport West, Westmeadows, Diggers Rest, Clarkefield and Riddells Creek. Students can also take a short walk to and from the Sunbury railway station.


Transition programs for new students, particularly at Year 7, commence the year prior to starting helping students navigate their secondary school learning environment and make connections. Program Support Group (PSG/SSG) meetings are held with students, parents/guardians and others including primary school Deaf Facility Coordinators or visiting teachers to gain a holistic understanding of the academic and social needs of every student.

Students attend several events while in Year 6. Salesian provides an opportunity for students to get to know its College and other St Mary’s students that will commence in Year 7.

Extra transition

St Mary’s offers extra transition sessions focused on meeting and getting to know our staff and other deaf and hard of hearing students. The smaller orientation sessions allow students to familiarise students themselves with the school and ask any questions they might have about secondary school life in a safe environment.

Year 7 students have a Year 10 Buddy who are in the same House and locker area. Senior students mentor new students assisting in a seamless transition from primary to secondary school.

Learning overview

Our Sunbury Campus offers an individualised program delivered by Teachers of the Deaf who are passionately committed to student growth and learning in an environment that stimulates and encourages six years of secondary school excellence. Students negotiate their course of studies to fully participate in the school curriculum as offered through Salesian College Sunbury while accessing St Mary’s College Expanded Learning Program (EXP).

Expanded Learning Program (EXP)

EXP is a subject taken as part of each student’s year level subject timetable. Taught by Teachers of the Deaf, EXP is determined in collaboration with students and parents and based on the Expanded Core Curriculum for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students, designed to support students in accessing and experiencing success in their core subjects. Teaching areas may include literacy, expressive and receptive language, audition, speech or social-emotional learning. EXP is flexible and varies from student to student and from year to year, depending on subjects and wellbeing needs.

PSG/SSG meetings are held with parents each term as a way of monitoring student progress, receiving feedback and planning for future teaching and learning. In between meetings, we maintain regular phone and email contact with parents.

Courses and activities

As part of the broader St Mary’s College of the deaf and hard of hearing community, our students participate in:

  • Secondary School’s Deaf Sports Day
  • St Mary’s College assemblies
  • St Dominic’s Day celebrations
  • Lunchtime Social Clubs.

Many students develop close and lifelong friendships with other students they identify with at these St Mary’s events and activities. Students also have the opportunity of accessing a wide range of subjects and senior courses of study. Our goal is that students develop into strong and capable contributors who are pursuing their dreams and discovering their potential.

Specific courses and activities available at our Sunbury campus include:

  • Year 7 camp
  • Year 9 Retreat
  • Project-based learning
  • The Rupertswood Harvest Festival - students from across year levels and learning areas display and sell items they have worked on as part of their curriculum.

At Salesian College, Agricultural education has been an integral part of the curriculum for over 90 years. There is an opportunity for St Mary’s students to run sheep and cattle and get involved in Horticulture programs.

Student Leadership

Students participate in leadership programs offered at St Mary’s College and Salesian College Sunbury. Student leadership gives students the opportunity to develop confidence, experience the benefits of doing things for others as well as being positive role models.

St Mary’s Leadership

A senior St Mary’s student is elected as Student Campus Leader each year. Part of this role is that they meet other Student Campus Leaders and the College leadership team to provide feedback on how the educational experience for St Mary’s students can be enhanced. They also plan for campus and whole school social and fundraising activities.

Salesian Leadership

There are also opportunities to nominate themselves as leaders representing a group of students from the Salesian College student body in areas such as sport, arts, agriculture and justice and faith.


A positive approach to student wellbeing underpins the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical growth of all students. Activities offered to strengthen wellbeing include St Mary’s College Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Program and Salesian College programs offered through both the curriculum and co-curricular activities.

Career pathways

Students can access the VCE pathway, a well-established VM, VPC or a VET program. Work experience is promoted from Year 10 with a focus on managing hearing loss in the workplace to prepare students for success in either their first part time job or starting their dream career. Career Action Plans are developed and regularly reviewed with the students and their parents/guardians through PSG/SSG meetings, ensuring they have the right subjects, skills and experiences once they complete their education with St Mary’s. Further considered pathways and professional career advice can be accessed through Salesian College or through our partnership with community organisations such as Expression Employment and Sign for Work. After gaining workplace experiences in Year 10, students participate in extensive career counselling interviews at the College.

Assistive technology

Assistive hearing technologies support our goal in building strong and capable student communication skills through listening and spoken English. Classrooms and assembly spaces are fitted with Roger SoundField speakers, FM transmitters and wall pilots making syncing in for students subtle and seamless. Technology is regularly maintained ensuring good working order.

Student voice

Our students feel a sense of belonging, connection and ownership at our Sunbury Campus. It’s a place where they care and respect each other while reaching their potential.

It’s a great place to be! But don’t just take our word for it – listen to what other St Mary’s College students have to say.

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