Alongside educating our students, St Mary’s College develops in students an inner confidence and positive outlook by drawing on our wellbeing model.

Our goal is to see our deaf and hard of hearing students:

  • Build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Hold a positive and strong sense of self
  • Know and believe in their worth
  • Value their contributions as global citizens
  • Have a sound understanding of their place in the world as a deaf or hard of hearing child or young person.

Specific programs and interventions that can be accessed if and as needed include:

  • Per term Program Support Group (PSG) meetings with students, family and the school team supporting the child
  • Social-emotional learning program, social skills and friendship groups
  • Student leadership program
  • Access to wellbeing counsellors within our partner schools
  • Wellbeing and identity focused excursions with deaf and hard of hearing students from other campuses and schools.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Our highly successful student wellbeing model follows the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework. It is our approach to communicating behavioural expectations and supporting students in understanding the consequences of decisions that supports positive social and academic outcomes.