Welcome to St Mary’s College for the deaf. I encourage you to explore our website which contains information about our dedicated team, our deaf and hard of hearing educational program, campus locations and the nurturing environment we create for all our students to thrive.

St Mary’s College follows the charism of the Dominican tradition and welcomes students of all faiths. As an integrated school designed flexibly in a mainstream Catholic school setting, our students have the unique opportunity of accessing the full Victorian curriculum through St Mary's College and our partner schools while engaging in our Expanded Learning Program, designed specifically to build academic and social success in our deaf and hard of hearing students.

In the spirit of providing an education in a genuinely inclusive environment, our students are valued members of a welcoming, combined community that is St Mary’s College and one of six partner schools. Teaching and learning in these combined communities involves planning and delivering an education collaboratively that challenges and supports each student to achieve their best.

We are passionately committed to developing effective listening, spoken communication and critical thinking skills that lay the foundation for our students to become successful and happy deaf and hard of hearing young adults.

We appreciate that finding the right school can be difficult without knowing what future challenges your child may experience. Our team of experts includes Teachers of the Deaf, speech pathologists and educational support staff who are located onsite providing opportunities for your child to access various levels of support and extension if and when they need it throughout their time at St Mary’s.

We are proud to have provided exceptional education to deaf and hard of hearing students for over 70 years. Today we continue our approach to learning, teaching and fostering community values that shape and inspire compassionate, empowered, and effective communicators nurtured through a spirit of family partnership.

Discover how a St Mary’s College education can support your child reach their potential.

I look forward to meeting you on campus.

Amanda Purcell

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