Campus FAQs

Our secondary school campuses are:

Our combined primary and secondary school campus is:

Our primary school campus is:

All St Mary’s College students are enrolled as a St Mary’s College student however they immerse into school life at the partner school including wearing the partner school uniform.

Yes. We can organise a campus visit for you and your child to one of our six campuses. Please contact our administration officer on (03) 9800 2733 or to arrange a tour.

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Enrolment FAQs

Applications can be made at any time of the year. Please note, student places are limited by availability at each campus and for each year level.

Enrolment forms are to be returned to the St Mary's College administration office (not the partner school).

For more enrolment information please contact the College Administration Office on (03) 9800 2733.

Detailed St Mary’s College enrolment information can be found here:

Enrolment Policy

Student’s must have a hearing loss that is moderate, severe or profound in both ears to be eligible for enrolment and would benefit from the integrated educational program we offer.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from students that do not meet the government criteria of an average 40db hearing loss or greater in both ears.

St Mary’s College follows the guidelines as set by the Melbourne Archdiocese of Catholic Schools (MACS). Detailed St Mary’s College enrolment procedures can be found on Enrolment Procedures.

Enrolment Procedures

Applications for Prep, 2024 open on Tuesday 1 Feb 2023 and close on Tuesday 31 May 2023.

Enrolments for Year 7 2025 open on Tuesday 1 February 2023 (only for current grade 5) and close on Friday 18 August 2023.

Enrolment applications submitted after the closing date will be placed on a waiting list.

Catholic and non-Catholic families attending schools in or outside the priority parish boundaries can obtain an enrolment pack from St Mary’s College at any time.

Once eligibility is established, an enrolment pack will be sent to your home to be returned with all accompanying documents.

Scholarship FAQs

Yes. We offer a Dominican scholarship to students enrolling into Year 7. We also have scholarships linked to financial hardship which are open to students of families who meet the eligibility criteria at all year level.

Our scholarships are designed to support parents/guardians of students with significant hearing loss with the cost of tuition.

Scholarships are open to students enrolled in all campuses. The value is dependent on individual financial circumstances.

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Fees and CSEF FAQs

Click here to view our current Fees and Charges.

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2021 Payment Options Form

Please view the CSEF eligibility guidelines About CSEF.

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CSEF Application Form

Yes. St Mary's has a Concessional Fee Policy that supports families experiencing financial hardship. For information, contact our administration office on (03) 9800 2733.

Transport FAQs

Yes. Our secondary campuses can be easily accessed using public transport via the MYKI ticket service. St Mary's College students can also access charter bus services provided by many of our partner schools.

As a specialist setting, students may be eligible for a conveyance allowance if they live at least 4.8km from the College campus that covers the cost of a yearly Myki student pass or a petrol allowance for private car travel.

Conveyance allowance forms are available at our College Administration Office or you can download a form here:

Conveyance Allowance Form

Students attending our primary campuses may also be eligible for conveyance petrol allowance to cover the cost of transport to school.

Additional support regarding assistance with transport can be obtained through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Program FAQs

Additional to the Victorian Curriculum, our expanded learning program (Expanded Curriculum) offers speech and language therapy and teaching for deaf and hard of hearing students.

The Expanded Learning Program focuses on areas designed to improve learning outcomes, develop confidence and positive identity in students with hearing loss.

Key focus areas include:

  • Literacy
  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Audiology and listening
  • Speech production
  • Self-advocacy
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Careers education.

Visit our curriculum page for more information on our Approach and Program.

Deaf and hard of hearing children often find it easier to socialise and interact with peers when there are other students at school with them with hearing loss.

By understanding that they are not the only student with hearing aids or cochlear implants at school, along with specially trained teachers of the deaf guidance, students grow in confidence and develop strong friendships.

Yes. Our speech pathologists can work with your child in developing and refining communication and language skills from Prep through to Year 12. The amount of speech therapy will be determined by each student’s needs and availability.

Yes. An Audiologist from Hearing Australia visits each St Mary's College campus at least twice a term to check ear health and personal listening devices.

Students have a choice of studying all subjects that are offered at each year level by our partner schools.

Yes. Participation in the Religious Education curriculum is compulsory. Children are invited to learn about the Christian values that support the development of citizenship and social justice as well as the various religions arounds the world. There is a strong focus within these classes on social justice, community and charity.

Our students receive excellent career pathways advice from Year 9 onwards with additional experience and support in their senior years of school. Most school leavers continue tertiary education at university, or pursue vocational training at TAFE or through an apprenticeship. A smaller number of secondary graduates choose to go straight into employment.